About us


Corten+ is a rust accelerator for all types of oxidizing metals (steel, Corten steel, iron...). Capable of rusting any component in one hour with consistent results of high quality. Corten+ is the only acid-free rust accelerator, which means it is safe for the user. No other product is needed to stop the oxidation process. But the application of our varnish will allow the metal to maintain its appearance over time.


Acid is the main component of most rust accelerators available on the market. However, inhaling the toxic vapors from the acid is extremely dangerous, this is why we have chosen a more suitable solution. Corten+ has made a commitment for the future with an acid-free treatment. The health of our users should not be put at stake, so we have come up with this solution for safety reasons.

The main disadvantage of acid is that it needs another product called a “stabilizer” to stop the process of oxidation. As well as being a waste of time, this product weakens the rust and causes it to flake. Corten+ does not need a stabilizer to stop oxidation as the product does not deeply penetrate the metal but only oxidizes the surface.


The Corten+ treatment products form a rust in one hour thanks to grease remover that leaves a dry and grease-free surface, and thanks to the rust accelerator that will oxidize the surface of the metal in a perfectly uniform way.
The Corten+ treatment allows the metal to develop a rust that can remain intact over time once it has reached the end of its oxidation.